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7 but it is easy to port to c# for itextsharp ... if you keep the text segments from the pdf as they are , text extraction strategies still easily can see that the line consists of the two words using and pdfbox ... more

1 i ' m copying my answer to the mailing-list on so : why there is need of font files [ fontname.afm ] in itextsharp library those files contain font metrics ( afm = adobe font metrics ) ... for a more elaborate explanation , please watch this video : see also : english ... more

1 in short : the pdf doesn ' t allow you to extract text , not with itext , not with itextsharp , not with pdfbox more

1 even though it is written for itextsharp , the same principles apply ) and in pdfbox overriding . more

1 your first attempt should be to try with a current version of pdfbox ... itext ( or itextsharp in your case ) version 5.4.x if the agpl ( or alternatively buying a license ) is no problem for you ... more