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30 isn ' t the itextsharp port of itext functionally equivalent to the java version ... i think that most any concept from the java docs ( and corresponding itext book would also be extremely helpful ... more

7 the itext parser classes forward the text to the render listeners in the pieces they find as continuous strings in the content stream ... but it is easy to port to c# for itextsharp ... more

5 paulo soares ( one of the main devs of itext and current maintainer of itextsharp ) says : itext doesn ' t do any effort to fix calculated fields because most of the times that ' s impossible more

4 this is explained in my answer to the question add image to itext dynamically on pdf file in this answer , i do this : where field holds the name of the field and rect describes a rectangle from which you can get the width and the height ... this question is answered ... more

4 assumption : you ' ve created a pdf with itextsharp ... if you ' ve seen this video , you may have tagged the pdf , but as not that many people know this option to create tagged pdfs using itext ( sharp ) , let ' s assume that you ' ve created an ordinary pdf , also ... more

3 creating documents from scratch with itextsharp can be very time consuming ... also remember that itextsharp ( or just itext ) is also useful for combining pdf documents or pages from different documents ... more

3 what i discovered was that itextsharp version 4.0.4 ( and later ) enforces password restrictions , earlier versions did not ... check out this itext mailing list archive thread , and the response from paulo soares ( one of the itextsharp developers ) ... more

3 here ' s a tutorial please note that these examples are for the java version of itext , but the migration to itextsharp should be straightforward . more

3 update : i ' ve added the tags itext and itextsharp to your question ... only then i noticed that you ' re using itextsharp instead of itext ... more

3 actually itext ( sharp ) did create a link annotation for the anchor in the rotated cell , too , but its coordinates are completely wrong : these coordinates even are partially off-page which might explain peculiar behavior of some pdf viewers ... the matching itextsharp ... more

3 update : i now see that you marked your question with the [ itext ] as well as the [ itextsharp ] tag ... i answered it under the [ itext ] tag using java code ... more

2 i ' m more at home in java / itext ... thus , i implemented this approach in java first and only afterwards translated it to c# / itextsharp ... more

2 as the op also tagged this question with [ itext ] and i am more at home with java than .net , here an answer for itext / java ... it should be easy to translate to itextsharp / c# ... more

2 you mention itext as well as itextsharp , my snippets are lines of java code more

2 fontfactoryimp is part of itext / itextsharp core more

2 this is explained in the method comment of pdfsignatureappearance.preclose in itext ( it likely is identical in itextsharp ) : as explained here , due to the hex string coding this size should be byte_size*2+2 because the size that the signature container will take ... more

1 you should instead base your code on the webified itextsharp example stamptext.cs explained in chapter 6 of itext in action 2nd edition : you can control font and color , too , if you change that code like this : ps some details may vary if you for some reasons have ... more

1 the stacktrace posted by the op in a comment contains the line which indicates that the op was not using the current itextsharp version 5.5.0 but instead a version from before 5.3.0 ( published june 2012 ) : in version 5.3.0 pdfpkcs7 had been refactored into the namespace ... more

1 you could use the library that pdftk is built upon directly and either write a java or a .net program that uses itext or itextsharp to merge your one-pagers and create the bookmarks ... if you want to go the itext route , there are lot of examples available online or ... more

1 you will benefit from reading the section " absolute position of text " in the free ebook " the best itext questions on stackoverflow " ... see pdfs generated using itextsharp giving error at the time of first print command you say that the text that you are adding ... more