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8 this was because on my computer i already have opencv 2.4.2 installed and when i execute my program the path to the opencv dll points to the opencv folder and not to the dlls in the emgucv folder ... my workaround , instead of using an older version of emgucv / opencv ... more

6 because there ' s no finalizer for this class , opencv will not get called upon to release it ' s unmanaged image header ( which has a pointer to the managed image data ) so opencv still thinks it has a usable image structure ... allow it to be called successfuly for ... more

4 this is what i did for everyone who want to use it : install this version of emgucv , which creates a folder emgu in c : in this folder you will have a single folder named emgucv-windows-universal-gpu go to bin folder from the bin folder you need to ... more

4 following is just a theory and might not work , i ' m not very experienced with opencv / emgucv both system.drawing.bitmap and have constructors taking scan0 as an argument ... if not , it means that opencv or bitmap or both copy provided memory block ... more

3 just use emgucv ( or a similar library ) ... the emgucv syntax is rather unfriendly ( mostly because of its underlying win32 opencv implementation ) , but basically it comes down to ... more

3 i answered a similar question on segmenting the skin of the face a neck in opencv which might be good reference ... emgucv cut face+neck skin only and save new image i hope this helps , cheers , chris ... more

2 i know that in the latest version of opencv , the mat object is prefered to iplimage for a lot of reasons ... in emgucv , things are different ... more

2 i can ' t tell you how to do it with emgucv in particular , you ' d need to translate the calls from opencv to emgucv more

2 emgucv wrapping opencv relies on its optimization ... opencv ' s iplimage requires each row of the data matrix to be aligned by 4 bytes ... more

1 hi once i worked on emgucv / opencv but i do not know if it will help you but to detect custom objects you would have to work on harrcascades more

1 emgucv is an opencv wrapper but right now the function you want to use is still not wrapped ... you have two options : wrap it yourself taking a look at how cvinvokecalib3d.cs ( or maybe another class inside emgucv pinvoke folder ) define opencv functions pinvoking ... more

1 there are a lot of online tutorials about using opencv and emgucv for tracking and gesture recognition ... opencv documentation is also a great place to find out about various functions which might help you out ... more

1 this function is a fast replacement for getreal2d in emgucv you can use the cvgetreal2d method of the cvinvoke class so , the code in the link you provided should be like : ps ... opencv documentation : mget ... more

1 this is not an emgucv / opencv issue , the idea itself makes no sense as a double histogram would require a lot more memory than what ' s available more

1 as of opencv 3.0 , opencv is phasing out iplimage ... emgucv ' s image , is a wrapper around iplimage , so image , is being phased out of emgucv ... more

1 emgucv is essentially opencv for c# , it ' s just an image processing library ... the common approach you can take : use emgucv to detect whether the camera is in or out of focus using contrast detection and control the camera accordingly ... more