The knowledge graph is a knowledge base to enhance search results with semantic information. We expect to built a specific knowledge graph from Stack Overflow called TechGraph and visualize it in an interacive graph. With it, novice developers can have an overview of certain technology in software engineering and even experienced ones also may get inspiration! We implement it in both a browser plugin and this website.

Browser plugin

This is a user script which can be installed in the browser. When you search software-engineering tech in Google, the plugin will render both its definition and its general landscape which can assist you to refine your search. The plugin also provides an access to our website. It can be downloaded in our github.

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There are two basic functions in this website. First, for technical terms in software engineering, it can provide its definition, asking trend, (yearly) knowledge graph, top-voted questions, code snippets (optional) and popular links in Stack Overflow; Second, multiple tech can be compared in both trend and knowledge graphes;

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Beta functions

There are also some beta functions which will be enriched in the furture. First, for a given task and programming language, our TechTask page can give hints/solutions to finish the task. Second, users can also type in his userID in Stack Overflow to see his expertise graph.

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